The Journey of a dream, vision and future….

To tell this story we have to go back to the early 1920’s, where two hard working men began working independently to provide for their family and make a name for themselves. While they were in the same city, they were unaware just how close their paths were to one another, and most certainly unaware of how their
work and dreams would connect and merge to form a similar dream for a new generation of hard working men and women.

The Glanz and J. Geo A. Buffat story
Mr. Glanz opened the family Business in 1923 and incorporated in 1945.

He rode the trolley with a tool box and grew the business to 30 employees and stayed actively involved up to age 90.

The original business was located off Bardstown road in the Highlands area. As business increased, they outgrew their building and moved to the Brownsboro Road location to expand operations.

Mr. Buffat started his business in 1924 serving the Louisville area and incorporated in 1950.

He borrowed $200.00, bought a used 1922 truck and a few tools and grew the business to 13 employees and 10 service trucks.

Buffat was located off Bardstown Road. As business increased and the company grew they moved to 3406 College Drive in Jeffersontown

The story continues…
In 2007 Buffat sold the business to previous employee’s of Glanz Plumbing, Heating and Cooling with 18+ years of industry leadership experience
October 2012 the new owners of Buffat purchased all assets of Glanz and they are now operating under the same roof to continue the good and honest work of Glanz and Buffat.

To honor both of these hard working men, we retained both names in our company banner and are now incorporated as Glanz/Buffat. We are a full service Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and electrical company.